The Uncanny Way With Crop Circles


In 1990 I offered a solution to the strange symbols attached to the crop formation appearing at Alton Barnes in England.

This solution was published as a letter to Insight Magazine. I attributed the symbols to an ancient Semitic script that spelled the word Eve in Hebrew.

As far as I am aware no other crop-circle watcher offered such a solution to those symbols. One not only had to know the ancient script; one also had to believe in the Circles.

The solution left a particular imprint upon me. I had done considerable work on Adam and Eve, and have now published that work as a book on the Internet.

See The Legacy of Adam and Eve.

I show that Adam and Eve were real personalities who left an indelible imprint upon mankind.

I was a little unnerved that our Visitors might be directing a specific message to myself. This assessment came because, first, I was the only person following the formations who seemed aware of the Semitic nature of the ancient symbols, and second, I had done that work on Adam and Eve. Hebrew linguistic connections to an ancient personality pair might be more than coincidental.

Over the past several months I have been collecting photographs from various Crop Circle web sites with my commentary summarizing the history of the crop formations in England. (I limit myself to England, partly because of the broad scope of the labor to go elsewhere, and partly because so many formations in other countries are fakes.)

I was currently in the process of classifying the formations according to their appearance and had proceeded as far as Bubbles, Scripts, Creatures, and Astronomical. I then was distracted by a discussion on the UBRON Discussion List. Most Readers seemed unaware of the significance of these groupings but, more importantly, that there was also a group that presented themselves as three-dimensional images: figures on a two-dimensional plane that suggested a three-dimensional appearance.

The 2006 season was unusual. Until late June there appeared to be no formations created by our Celestial Visitors, merely manmade fakes. I commented on this with letters to the UBRON list. Andy Thomas also had a letter concerning this fact. My letter suggested we were headed for more ominous events.

I sent copies to Stuart Dike and Peter Sorensen.

Following is a modified copy of my letter suggesting three-dimensional images, addressed as a reply to Sandor Szabados, who first noted the illusion. Note the date.

Message: 85143
From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Most Unusual and Beautiful Crop Circle
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006, 3:10 AM
Topic: General


This Crop Circle has also been posted by Crop Circle Connector. They may be the original source of your image.

This is quite an intriguing formation because it has an illusion of being three-dimensional. When viewed on our 2-dimensional page it presents itself as 3-dimensional.

But other formations also show this remarkable illusion. I include those in the list below. There may be others.

This is one method by which we can determine the authenticity of the formations.

Depressed Circle



Depressed Multiple Circles (Dimples)

Molecular Model

Some of these formations show this illusion only when viewed at a shallow angle, not from overhead. The Dolphins and Depressed Multiple Circles especially show this effect.

Now to the current phenomena.

June 30 formation. Avebury Trusloe, nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire.

This formation triggered my note to Sandor. Note that the closer and larger formation seems to present an ascending outer group of rings, with an inner group that is descending. The farther and smaller formation does the opposite. These three-dimensional appearances are both cone-shaped.

This formation was reported June 30 but did not get to the UBRON List by Sandor until July 2.

Then this uncanny thing happened:

Two formations were reported on July 8, both of which showed this three-dimensional quality.

Wayland Smithy, nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire. Reported 8th July.

This photograph is especially amazing because it uses very narrow lines to show the details of the emerging (visual) blocks, as well as shadows of the flattened grain. Note how the grain is laid differently in various portions to accent the design. Also, a strip of grain is left at the "top" of the blocks to provide visual accent of the blocks.

Three series of four descending (or ascending) blocks circle the center. The blocks are not all direct imitations of one another, but of different dimensions.

Then this formation appeared:

Savernake Forest, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. Reported 8th July.

This is very similar to the June 30 design, with suggestive lowering and raising of the circles, to create the illusion of cones. Perhaps the Circle Makers were dissatisfied with the June 30 formation and gave it emphasis here.

Again, I found it unnerving that these three-dimensional designs should come, in spades, just when I was telling others about them.

Who knows where it will go from here!

Is someone talking with someone, from the celestial to the terrestrial? Just as in the Eve communication?