The "devil" is none other than Caligastia, the deposed Planetary Prince of Urantia. The Urantia Papers, page 602. 

The doctrine of a personal devil on Urantia, though it had some foundation in the planetary presence of the traitorous and iniquitous Caligastia, was nevertheless wholly fictitious in its teachings that such a "devil" could influence the normal human mind against its free and natural choosing. The Urantia Papers, Page 753.


The key words are "free and natural choosing." The Devil cannot enter any mind against its free and natural choosing.

Jane Roberts and her husband, Robert Butts, lived in an apartment in Elmyra, New York. They were both "free thinkers," espousing current "new age" trends, engaging in mind explorations through ESP, (extra-sensory perception), and occupying themselves with other "trendy" intellectual or spiritist activities.

By their own free will they chose to actively explore contact with the Devil. Little did they know what they were doing.

Jane's unique abilities as a "psychic communicator" provided a vehicle for exceptional insight into the techniques employed by the Devil. In the course of her voluminous "channelings" he explained many aspects of his activity. Hardly anyone recognizes the explicit nature, and value, of the information he offered.

"My psychic initiation really began one evening in September, 1963, however, as I sat writing poetry. Suddenly my consciousness left my body, and my mind was barraged by ideas that were astonishing and new to me at the time. On return to my body, I discovered that my hands had produced an automatic script, explaining many of the concepts that I'd been given. The notes were even titled--The Physical Universe as Idea Construction.

"Because of that experience, I began doing research into psychic activity, and planned a book on the project. In line with this, my husband Rob, and I experimented with a Ouija board late in 1963. After the first few sessions, the pointer spelled out messages that claimed to come from a personality called Seth.


"Neither Rob nor I had any psychic background, and when I began to anticipate the board's replies, I took it for granted that they were coming from my subconscious. Not long after, however, I felt impelled to say the words aloud, and within a month I was speaking for Seth while in a trance state.


The messages seemed to begin where Idea Construction left off, and later Seth said that my expansion-of-consciousness experience had represented his first attempt at contact . . ."

By September 27, 1971, the date which Jane assigned to this statement, "Seth" had produced more than 6,000 typed pages of manuscript from more than 600 "psychic" transmissions. These usually took place in the well-lighted living room of the couple, mostly evening sessions. Rob took shorthand notes as Jane spoke the words of "Seth." He later transcribed to typewritten form.

Rob reported on the descriptions of inner experience given him by Jane:

"I knew that subjectively Jane was experiencing the feeling of a 'cone' or 'pyramid' coming down over the top of her head. Jane often told me that whereas she feels Seth come to her in a very warm and alive and friendly manner, she feels her consciousness going out of herself to meet Seth--'up the invisible pyramid like a draft up a flue.' She doesn't know where she goes or how she gets back. Her body seems to be left behind."

In the many details of their spiritist explorations, Robert Butts noted the behavior of Jane while under "spirit" control. For example, while voicing the thoughts of "Seth" she would feel a need to smoke a cigarette. She would arise from her chair, go into the kitchen to retrieve a cigarette lighter, light the cigarette, return to her chair, and smoke--all the while continuing the transmission.

Was she unconscious of her body during such actions? Did she move instinctively, not consciously thinking about her actions? Or was she in a half-conscious state?

We cannot answer the questions precisely. If she was not aware of what was happening to herself when her consciousness went "like a draft up the flue," should she have been immune to physical desires?

On the other hand we can compare it with demon possession in some of the biblical reports. The human victim cried for help, conscious of his condition.

In any case, this was Devil possession. Her bodily movements and features are illustrated by the photographs published by her and her husband in the many printings of Seth Speaks.

Rob described her features and body changes as "angular." They were far more than angular; because of the delusion about the source of this possession they could not see it in its true condition--as hideous.

If Caligastia can possess one person he can possess another. The deep question before us is the depth of that possession--can he use the body to perform his wishes contrary to the conscious choices of his human subject?

As part of his control Caligastia employs another technique. He renames his human subjects. Jane and Robert were renamed to Ruburt and Joseph. All those human mortals who have given themselves to him receive new names. The name changes are important. They help the human mortal to reassign his psychological loyalties. As a new "spiritual" being with a new name he reassigns his loyalties to that being who gives him the new name.

The name changes are used for another deadly purpose. When the Devil brings them into action they will need psychological reasons why it is not the persons themselves who are performing his deadly work, but rather their true "spiritual selves." If it is their "spiritual selves" who perform that deadly work the other selves, the "earthly" selves, can continue in their daily routines with some balming of consciousness.

In attempt to describe her inner experience Jane made other remarks.

"I have certain unique experiences during sessions that seem to compensate for my lack of conscious creative involvement. Often I participate in Seth's great energy and humor, for example, enjoying a sense of emotional richness and encountering Seth's personality on a very strange level. I feel his mood and vitality clearly, though they are not directed at me, but to whomever Seth is addressing at the moment. I feel them as they pass through me.

"As Rob's notes show, I often have other kinds of experiences, also, while speaking for Seth. Sometimes, for instance, I see inner visions. These may illustrate what Seth is saying, so that I am receiving information in two ways, or they may be completely separate from the script. I've had several 'out-of-body' experiences also during sessions, when I saw events actually happening some thousands of miles away."


These remarks show that Jane retained memory of the trance sessions, or was partially conscious during those possessions. She felt she was participating in the Devil's personality expression, with "emotional richness," but, as she admits, on a very strange level.

Experiences of inner visions has been reported on a wide scale in recent years by those who engage in spirit communications, or who have received "teachers." Accounts from the era of classical spiritualism, for example from Bach in the decade of the 1940's, or from John Newbrough around the turn of the twentieth century, do not contain such reports. If this is a recent phenomenon it would mean an increase in "spirit" ability to more intimately enter human mind.

In private conversation Scott Foerster of Ellicott City, Maryland corrected my impression of those visionary experiences. He stated they would be more properly described as "pictures," not visions. On my inquiry he said he had seen forests with mountains rising in the background, a beautiful portrayal. Ron Bessler of York, Pennsylvania described rings of light.

When the Devil, through Edgar Cayce, prescribed cures for others at geographical distances he needed a name and address to locate them. Given that information he could "prescribe" cures. Since he is totally aware of all activities currently transpiring on a planet, or at any past time, it is simple for him to flash that knowledge through a human mind that comes under his control. This was the phenomenon Jane Roberts reported when she saw distant contemporary scenes. His projections may vary, from scenes of the contemporary world, or from a world which he fabricates. If he invents pictorial scenes through "pictures" or "visions," how can his subjects distinguish the difference? In either case they are projections from his mind. Even more, how can they deny the reality of that which they see? When he leads his cadre on their death marches he can carry them with any picture of beauty he desires, appropriately formed to their individual needs.

Jane understood that her unique frame of mind, and mental abilities were crucial to "Seth's" production.

". . . I am aware of the fact that I was necessary to the production of Seth's book. He needs my ability with words; even, I think my turn of mind. Certainly, my writing training aids in the translation of his material and helps give it form, no matter how unconsciously this is done. Certain personality characteristics are important too, I imagine--the agility with which I can switch the focus of my consciousness, for example."

Crucially important to the Devil's purpose is the creation of a body of mortals who would communicate with him. Jane was a willing agent for such recruitment. She taught methods for others to "open" themselves to "Seth," and to permit him to "come in." One technique was class "dream time" in which they would fall into a "sleep" while concentrating on him.

"It's not unusual that students should dream of Seth, of course, or that they should dream of me. But certainly Seth has achieved independent status in their eyes and has become a vehicle of instruction even in the dream state. In other words, besides producing the continuing Seth Material and this book, Seth has entered the minds and consciousness of many people."


How truly diabolical he is, in recruitment of those who do not have their hearts centered on God.

He has never relaxed his efforts to build a cadre of people he can bring under his control. He continues with increasing intensity.

In Session #511, the beginning of the Seth book, "Seth" makes remarks which show his true colors. Little do his followers recognize the significance of those statements, or how he makes fools of them. The remarks are so literally true.


"I have donned and discarded more bodies than I care to tell."

"I can say this to each of my readers honestly; I am older than you are, at least in terms of age as you think of it."


"I have been conscious before your earth was formed. To write this book--and in most of my communications with Ruburt (Jane)--I adopt from my own bank of past personalities those characteristics that seem appropriate."

He surely does. He has the entire history of the earth on which to draw, and untold billions of human personalities. In another session he said:

"Your earth was very dear to me."


I am very sure this is a precise statement, containing remorse. But he is insane. He has long since lost his mental equilibrium.

Through Jane he told us something of his personal functioning, and the limitations which bind him.  

"Language as you know it is a slow affair: letter by letter strung out to make a word, and words to make a sentence, the result of a linear thought pattern. Language, as you know it, is partially and grammatically the end product of your physical time sequences. You can only focus upon so many things at one time, and your language structure is not given to the communication of intricate, simultaneous experiences. I am aware of a different kind of experience, not linear, and can focus upon and react to an infinite variety of simultaneous events. Ruburt could not express them, and so they must be leveled out into linear expression if they are to be communicated. This ability to perceive and react to unlimited simultaneous events is a basic characteristic of each whole self or entity. Therefore, I do not claim it as some feat that is exclusively my own."


A recurrent question is how one personality, spirit or otherwise, can enter so many human minds simultaneously. This is a natural question for human mortals who think in linear, sequential fashion. We cannot help but think linearly, since we are sequential beings. We go from moment to moment; our minds go from point to point. But spirit beings are not bound by such "time" sequential limitations.

This remark is uniquely interesting; he has ability to gather information simultaneously from many sensory sources, such as human mind, and to react to multiples of human contact points. Caligastia can perceive many simultaneous events, recall all events of all earth history, enter many minds at one time, converse with them, and direct them. Certainly, as a limited being within a limited space realm he has limits, he is not an infinite being. But for human mortals his abilities are stupendous, truly beyond our conceptual imagination.

These remarks clearly and distinctly describe his abilities and the gamut of his functional capacities. In the days of classical spiritualist phenomena such frank confessions did not occur. Now he has minds who have been educated technically, who are conversant with higher conceptual levels, and who have "new-age" orientations--minds which did not exist commonly prior to World War II. Furthermore, he no longer has a fear of being "found out." The days to his "strike" are now too short for any social influence to retard his plans.

He also spoke of his ability to communicate with one human mortal, and not another, due to their "psychological" or "spiritual" limitations. This relates directly to Jesus' remarks about those who know him and the Father. The latter are not susceptible to the entry of the Prince into their minds because of their love for the Father.

"But even so, no fallen spirit ever did have the power to invade the minds or to harass the souls of the children of God. Neither Satan nor Caligastia could ever touch or approach the faith sons of God; faith is an effective armor against sin and iniquity. It is true: 'He who is born of God keeps himself, and the wicked one touches him not.'" The Urantia Papers, Page 610.


"There is within (Jane's) personality a rather unique facility that makes our communications possible. I will try to put this as simply as possible: there is within his psyche what amounts to a transparent dimensional warp that serves almost like an open window through which other realities can be perceived, a multidimensional opening that has to some extent escaped being clouded over by the shade of physical form. . . . I enter your reality through a psychological warp in your space and time. In a manner of speaking, such an open channel serves much as a pathway between Ruburt's personality and my own, so that communication is possible."


Again, he indicates how he uses various mortal aliases for his nefarious purposes. He frankly admits that he assumes many different personalities; they are known to us as Lazaris, or Michael, or Ashtar, or innumerable others. And he shows that each mortal is different in their limitations of "psychic" reception.

"I may teach the same lesson in many different ways, according to the abilities and assumptions that are inherent in any given (human) system in which I must operate. I use one portion of myself from many personalities that are available to my identity in these communications, as in this book. In other systems of reality, this particular Seth personality that I, the larger Seth identity adopt here, would not be understood."


In a session on March 18, 1970 he again referred to his "using" multiple human personalities:

"We are aware of what you would call our past selves, those personalities we have adopted in various other existences."


He describes in some detail the limitations of his subjects, the processes he uses in establishing contact, how he reduces barriers for easy entry into their minds, and the methods he uses to obtain control. These are the techniques he now employs so extensively around the world to accomplish his deadly purpose.

". . . before I can begin to work I must set up preliminary psychological structures and learn to know my pupils before teaching can even begin. I must have a thorough knowledge of the particular system of reality in which my pupil operates, of his or her system of thought, of the symbols that are meaningful. The stability of the pupil's personality must be correctly gauged by me. The needs of the personality cannot be ignored but must be taken into consideration. The pupil must be encouraged but not overly extended while development continues. My material must be presented in such a way that it makes sense in the context in which the pupil understands reality, particularly in early stages. Great care must be utilized, even before serious learning can begin, that all levels of the personality develop at a more or less constant pace."


Each of these individual statements is incredibly important to our understanding of what he is doing.

"I must set up preliminary psychological structures and learn to know my pupils before teaching can even begin." 


When he first peruses his subjects he determines the elements which constitute that individual's psychological profile. He can then adapt his relationship with them to set up the psychological structure he needs for his purpose. Note that this is a teaching process. He requires time to accomplish his purpose, not because of his limitations, but because of the linear time frame of the human mortal.

"Great care must be utilized, even before serious learning can begin, that all levels of the personality develop at a more or less constant pace."


He must bring them along, cause them to grow, according to his purpose. They are tender shoots which require careful watering and nurturing. Importantly, he would not be able to use unstable personalities.

"The pupil must be encouraged but not overly extended while development continues."


He uses those mental and psychological frameworks which are familiar and attractive to the individual. He will use their social, economic, political, ideational and religious contexts as suitable. Thus he can get his foot into their mental and psychological doors, in order that they not thrust him away. He will be warm and friendly to them.

"My material must be presented in such a way that it makes sense in the context in which the pupil understands reality, particularly in early stages."

"Often the material I present will initially be given without any sign of my presence, seemingly as a startling revelation. For no matter how carefully I present the material, it is still bound to change past ideas that are strongly a part of the pupil's personality. What I say is one thing, but the pupil of course is thrust into psychological and psychic behavior and experience that may seem quite alien to him on a conscious level."


Here again he is explicit. He knows that his purpose is alien to our social and psychological frameworks. Therefore, he must train his subjects to new attitudes and psychological reference that will permit him to control their behavior. They must be conditioned to rationales which they will become willing to accept for the projects he has organized. What better rational than a great religious cleansing of mankind, aimed at a new world order. It is absolutely necessary that the "thorns" of the world be removed in order to achieve that new order. And what better vehicle for such cleansing than those who are dedicated to "God," his definition of God.

"When I contact your reality, therefore, it is as if I were entering one of your dreams. I can be aware of myself as I dictate this book through Jane Roberts, and yet also be aware of myself in my own environment; for I send only a portion of myself here, as you perhaps send out a portion of your consciousness as you write a letter to a friend, and yet aware of the room in which you sit. I send out much more than you do in a letter, for a portion of my consciousness is now within the entranced woman as I dictate, but the analogy is close enough."


Once again he is explicit in his description of possession; his consciousness is now within the mind of Jane.

He can teach all the elements of his contact and control, but he cannot hint at his ultimate purpose. That would ruin his plan.

And eventually, after working with his subjects for sufficient length of time, and with sufficient psychological justification, he can assume control. He can take over direct control of their bodies; he can Devil-possess.




Jon Klimo provided a survey of "channeling" activities, both from history and from current activities. Although he claimed channeling as an explanation for many bone fide religious experiences, and although his list is far from exhaustive, not covering many countries, he did provide some indication of the scope of this activity.

British artist and journalist Benjamin Creme believes he is the channel for Christ, whom he refers to as "Maitreya, head of the planets spiritual hierarchy, and the new world order." Creme publishes The Reappearance of Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. He addresses such topics as "The Christ and His Reappearance," "The Masters and [Spiritual] Hierarchy," "The Effect on Existing Institutions" of Christ's return, and "The Anti-Christ: The Forces of Evil." One message received from the "Christ presence" through Breme's channeling is the following:

"I come to tell you that you will see Me very soon, each in his own way . . . Nothing separates you from Me, and soon many will realize this. I am with you and in you. I seek to express that which I am through you; for this I come . . . My body of workers will show the world the problems of Mankind can be solved: through the process of sharing and just redistribution the needs of all can be met . . . The greatest change will be in the hearts and the minds of men, for My Return among you is a sign that men are ready to receive new life. That New Life for men do I bring in abundance. On all the planes of this life flow, reaching the hearts and the souls and bodies of men, bringing them nearer the Source of Life Itself. My task will be to channel those waters of Life through you.


How clear he has been! Nothing separates him from his people. Each will see him, or at least those images he wishes to present of himself. How will they be able to deny such powerful presentations, of great beauty, and of heavenly light?

His body of workers, his cadre, will show how the problems of the world can be solved, indeed, when he takes them into murderous cleansing of the earth of all those foolhardy human mortals who believe in a true God.

Indeed, they will see him very soon, each in his own way, by whatever images he deems suitable to a particular individual. Nothing separates him from his agents, literally nothing, for he is actually and truly in them, in their minds. He will express what he really is when he takes them to his murderous tasks. His cadre, his willing workers, will freely give themselves to him. Great changes are even now going on within the hearts and minds of his followers as he conditions them to his presence, and to his desires. When he scalps their minds to perform his deeds they will truly believe they are the mechanisms of new life. On all the psychic and spiritual planes this new life will flow, reaching their hearts and their souls and their bodies as he brings them closer to him, and to the Source of Life Itself, the overpowering bliss of life he will show them. He will channel it through them and they will believe they are the servants of this great god, performing a necessary service for the benefit of all mankind as he redistributes the spiritual loyalties of the world to himself.

This phenomena in England shows how no land escapes which forgets God and proceeds into "new age" explorations.

Other examples exist.

Ken Carey, a former postal employee turned California farmer, did a stupendous channeling of "revelation" during a concentrated snowy eleven days. Klimo summarized this material.

". . . We are spiritual beings who are awakening, in the last part of this century and the beginning of the next, into the organic unity of a planetary species operating in harmony with a larger Creation, as was always meant to be." ". . . We are the bridge between spirit and matter, Creator and Creation, between the spirit and the forms through which the spirit flows." ". . . We are learning to identify ourselves not as the form, but as the force that flows through and gives life to form."

He is creating an organic unity of his agents, into a new planetary species, operating in harmony with his Creation, as was always meant to be. He was deprived of that Creation because he rebelled; now he is preparing to retrieve it from the hands of his God.

The "source" urges that his subjects should --

"Feel me rising up within; reflect me in all that you are." As the transmutation from material disorder to spiritual order takes place, "You are not to act upon my information in the future, you are to be my information."


The subjects are further urged to --

". . . awaken to the inevitable changes at hand and come into alignment with, and join the loving forces at work, rather than hold back within the outmoded forms of matter and selfishness that are to be transformed by the work."


Two-thirds the way through the eleven-day transmission, the source identified itself:

"I am Christ. I am coming this day through the atmosphere of your consciousness. I am asking you to open the door of your reason, to allow me into your heart . . . I am the bridegroom spoken of old. I came to you first through a man named Jesus . . . Rejoice! The millennia of your fasting is over, the bridegroom returns . . . Whoever will come after me will have to die to all definitions of self, take up my spirit, and follow along the lines of my vibratory field."


How utterly profound will appear the images this being will create in the minds of all who give themselves to him. He calls to them, to die to all definitions of self, to take up his spirit, and to follow in the lines of his images.

And he pretends to be "Christ," as he first appeared through Jesus.

True blasphemy indeed, and none of his agents recognize it. When he appears to them in resplendent glory they will have no alternative but to believe that he really is the Christ. And they will do whatever he requests.

In many of the transmissions Caligastia speaks of the changes taking place on the world. Jack Pursel was a regional insurance supervisor in Florida when he suddenly and mysteriously began to "channel." The entity which "came through" Pursel identified himself as Lazaris. Klimo did an interview with Pursel, to obtain these remarks from "Lazaris."

"People are growing more rapidly than they've ever grown. They're opening the doors to a spirituality more profoundly than ever . . . "And what is happening in the bursting forth is that there's a fundamental Christian approach, and there's an unbelievable growth in that movement . . . The other direction is toward a metaphysical relationship, toward a metaphysical spirituality as opposed to a fundamentalist spirituality. In other words, people are moving in centrifugal energy away from the middle ground of nebulousness--of "we'll just wait and see, won't we attitude-- away from intellectual noncommitment of science and philosophy that has so long been predominant in your reality. . . . We're moving into a more avant-garde sort of spirituality, a reaching out to the edge of reality, to the edge of possibility, and saying 'Is there something more?' and therefore moving in that direction. We would prefer those that are moving into that metaphysical spirituality as opposed to the fundamentalist spirituality, but we respect both."


Yes, he respects both, but he is going to do his utmost to eliminate, once and for all, that fundamentalist spirituality which has been such a bane to him.

Spiritual changes are taking place ever more rapidly, until the day comes when he will strike. No more will there be any person on this earth who will shrug it off with "I shall wait and see." Everyone will be caught; many will be murdered. Everyone will be forced to decide their loyalties. Everyone, that is, who lives to make such decisions. God is now bringing a great spiritual baptism to this planet; he will find his true sons and daughters. No one will escape. And he uses the Devil to perform this task.

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