Notes On The Rise of Michael

Michael is the heavenly name for our God. See the Urantia Papers, many citations.

He is the one we know as Jesus.

Here the rise of Michael means his return to this planet when he judges the ages.

At that time our planet will see distress and trouble never before witnessed upon earth. It will consist of three main episodes: a) the distress brought on by Caligastia when he brings forth his hordes to slaughter God's people; b) the distress brought on when the nations engage in a nuclear holocaust, and c) the geophysical distress of the twisting of the planet into a new rotational mode. Those dedicated to Jesus-Michael must survive all three.

Michael shall bring a general resurrection of the sleeping survivors. All those who died since the last general resurrection 2,000 years ago will now awake to a new life in the heavenly realms. Godless people who did not believe will be remembered into future ages of the planet.

An awakening will now come to all living people who turn their hearts to God. This will not be a turning to the hopeless and mythological ridden beliefs of the past, but to the hope of a new relationship with God -- Jesus as Michael. This will be an awakening never before witnessed in human history. This awakening will come as the result of the work of those who were given insight into God's great glory. Those individuals will give of themselves to their brothers and sisters in a manner never before known to mankind.

Knowledge has greatly increased into this scientific age, but now knowledge about the glory of God will come as never before known to mankind.