Historic Red and Purple

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I am truly at a loss how to proceed. A multitude of elements affect those images we carry in our minds.

Red Color

I have copied colors from Internet charts. The first is what we call scarlet red. It is the color used by the Cardinals of the Catholic Church for their robes. Do you know why they use this color? Because they are borrowing a color from the royalty of the past. Are you aware of these royal colors? All ancient royals used these colors, but they also used the second color, which is violet. A big trade existed in ancient times to manufacture these colors for royalty. Why? Because they were imitating the color of Adam. If Adam had a skin color of a violet hue, how do you believe that to be white? The word "fair" is used to describe his color but you have interpreted that to mean "white."

Koreans are what I would call "fair" skinned, almost white. Japanese? Chinese? But not the black man, or even the swarthy color of most Arabians.

Now consider what the Bible says about Esau and his brother Jacob.

Gen 25:25-26 -- The first came forth red, all his body like a hairy mantle; so they called his name Esau.  Afterward his brother came forth, and his hand had taken hold of Esau's heel; so his name was called Jacob.

Was Esau a freak? Or did Esau and Jacob both have the same skin color? And have later biblical editors altered the story to make it more compatible with their tastes. If you want to educate yourself go into a translation of the Hebrew used in these stories. It was not that Esau had a "hairy mantle" but a red skin.

Tola was one of the sons of Issachar. His name meant the crimson-grub, but used only (in this connection) of the color from it, and cloths dyed therewith. His brother Puah also had a son with the same name.

These names were fashioned after a feature of the person who bore them.

When David had a ruddy color he inclined toward a "reddish" hue.

You know, like Adam had a violet hue.

I sent you copies of pictures that showed these "tawny" or "reddish" colors of people from the past.

Near East scholars know about these red hues, but do not know what to do with them. They think all men are from dark evolutionary genetic stock. Of course there are the red, yellow, black, and "white" skins.

Now do you think Abraham did NOT have a "reddish" hue to his skin color?

And if Moses was an emancipator of the submerged violet race what exactly does that mean? The forefathers of those people carried the same submerged violet color. Including Abraham.

Can I "safely conclude" that Abraham had a reddish skin color?

Consider how the royalty of the Roman Catholic Church dresses in these colors, red for Cardinals, purple for Bishops.

Historic Red and Purple

For your information, these colors were highly important to ancient people.
Tyrian purple (Greek, πορφύρα, porphyra, Latin: purpura), also known as royal purple, imperial purple or imperial dye, is a purple-red natural dye, which is extracted from sea snails. This dye was greatly prized in antiquity because it did not fade but became more intense with weathering and sunlight.
It was also extremely expensive. For this reason modern people believe this is the reason only the royal families of the past could afford it, but that was not the reason they used it. It was an imitation of Adam's color.
Do you remember that they dressed Jesus in this royal purple before they crucified him?
John 19:2
The crimson (red) color is repeatedly described in the Bible.

The purple was Adam's original color.
The red was the later color in his descendants.

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Ultra violet and infra red are at opposite ends of the visible spectrum. In my mind this raises the question of how violet hue could be equated to a red skin color. 

Also, you say "They are a different race,  not a "white race" with a violet hue." Why not? That seems the most likely assumption.

However it seems we are getting into details and losing the original train of thought. My original question concerned Jacob and Judah and why it was necessary to distinguish them in relation to the Jewish contributions to civilization.

You said, "
"And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many peoples, as dew from the Lord, as showers upon the grass..." MICAH 5:6" 
It says a remnant of Jacob; it does NOT say a remnant of the Jews.
In that minute difference lies the secret of our destiny."

If we assume for the purposes of our discussion that Abraham and his descendants had a ruddy skin tone where do you go from here? 

The southern tribes (Judah) were dispersed by the Romans, like the northern 10 tribes were dispersed by Assryia, in 70 and 130 AD. Did they not both contribute to modern civilization? I agree that the verse mentions only Jacob (northern 10 tribes). Why the emphasis on Jacob?

I would like to conclude this discussion as soon as we can so we can get to a much more interesting question to me, namely, what do you think of Washington's vision and its mention of the "Azure standard" and its prophecy that the Union (USA) will survive and last forever?

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