Movement Of the Northern Ten Tribes

From: Ernest Moyer
To: Preston Thomas <>
Date: 8/22/2012 9:55:34 AM
Subject: The Northern Ten Tribes

The Divine Presence

We know from modern reports that the angels of God are visiting us once again. This report was published in Liberation Newspaper, Paris, August 25, 1954. The date of the observation was two days earlier. The time was 1:00 AM in Vernon, France. The conditions were a clear sky with a quarter moon. The witness was Bernard Miserey, a business man.

Whether we describe it as a luminous mass looking like a gigantic cigar standing on end or a pillar of fire the picture of a large cylinder standing upright is clear.

The explicit relationship to human beings is given to us in Exodus, while the modern reports are a reminder of their presence.

We know the people of Israel were selected out of all mankind. No other race or group upon earth were so favored and so honored. From that fact we can naturally deduce that God had plans for those people. He did not hold such plans for other people. If they were known as Haberi, Ibri, Iberi, or Apiru, as a submerged violet race they were unique. This intimate relationship went on for forty years, drilling itself into their collective psyche.

But God did not leave the people of Israel with this mere reminder; he gave them other evidence of his work with them.

The Urim and Thummim, literally Lights and Perfections, was a celestial communication device of some form but we have no clear explanation of its function. We do not know if it included a visible display, purely auditory, or a mixture of the two. It was used by the Israelites for several centuries but is not mentioned after King David. But like getting familiar with a Flying Cylinder after forty years, so the Urim and Thummim would become an extraordinary reminder of the heavenly realms for many generations.


Yet the practical effect on the people of Israel as a functioning instrument with celestial authority lost all sensibility to later generations. Questions about the origin of The Pillar of Fire should show that God functions in a very practical way in his Creative Realm, the Universe, and hence locates "heaven" in space. That insight is completely lost to modern generations. As C. S. Lewis said, "If we could even effect in one per cent of our readers a change-over from the conception of Space to the conception of Heaven, we should have made a beginning." The Urantia Papers are totally committed to such concept. The Universe is the location of all things material and spiritual, until one transcends space and time as a purely spiritual being. Although a Spirit Being, Michael, our Creator, has a specific location in Space where he works out his creative acts.

And he has the power to come to this world if he should so choose. Refer to my many papers.

If these events, now unbelievable to a godless generation, were performed to hold a special group of people to himself, how did he carry that influence down to modern time? How did it spread throughout the world? When the Israelites entered the Promised Land after the death of Moses did God then withdraw the Pillar of Fire? From the accounts it would seem that way. How many generations did it take to forget such extraordinary occurrences?

I shall show how he executed his plans without direct display of heavenly powers.

We, the people of Israel, now came under a regime of remote destiny management. We are his Destiny Children.

Do you think that sending the European white man to North America, South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand was all a happenstance of time?

The Ten Tribes of Israel

The ten tribes are mentioned explicitly in I Kings 11:31, 35.

For a religious discussion of the Ten Tribes see:

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The Transplanted Northern Tribes

I pick up the theme with the tribes of Israel after the breakup of the nation in 740 and 722 BC.

In 722 BC, nearly twenty years after the initial deportations, the ruling city of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, Samaria, was finally taken by Sargon II after a three year siege started by Shalmaneser V.

The term "cities of the Medes" mentioned above may be a corruption from an original text "Mountains of Media".

Here is a map loosely showing the path of the deportations.

Deportation of the Ten Tribes

Why did the Assyrians carry away these northern tribes of Israel? Because they were a political threat to Assyria.

Why did the Assyrians not destroy them? Because those people had potentials as great civilizers. They were noted by the peoples of the other nations as constructive builders. They were not a civil threat. Thus they were treasured for their potentials while they were scattered and divided among other geographies to dilute their political strength.

The ancient river Gozan is much farther east, what is now called Abu Darya. It was also known as the Oxus, It runs through North Afghanistan & Central Asia into the Lake of Aral. Due to irrigation control the Lake of Aral, once the fourth largest lake in the world, has almost entirely dried up. From the biblical statements we can see how far these Iberi were carried.

After two centuries of interbreeding with local citizens, and among themselves, (from 750 BC to 550 BC) they had implanted on other people and other geographies the name by which they were known for millennia.

Iberia was a name given by the ancient Greeks and Romans to a kingdom corresponding roughly to the eastern and southern parts of the present day Georgia. That name Iberia was recognizable in historical records as a distinct people for as long as one thousand years later, well into the modern era.

The term Caucasian Iberia (or Eastern Iberia) is used to distinguish it from the Iberian Peninsula, where the present day countries of Spain, Portugal and Andorra are located.

Colchis and Iberia

Suppose there were 100 couples in 725 BC. And they all had 6 children. That would multiply into 600 people in one generation. Then they intermarry for 300 couples in 700 BC. So every 25 years we would multiply by 3.

725 = 100

700 = 300

675 = 900

650 = 2700

625 = 7100

600 = 21,300

575 = 63,900

550 = 191,700

525 = 575,100

In 200 years 100 couples would multiply into a half-million people! Consider what happened here in the United States in 200 years.

If the original Iberians were to intermarry with the native population, and so on, one would find a million "Iberians" in 200 years.

Do you see how the geopolitical state of Iberia would come about and be known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, with a multiplication to vastly greater numbers by 400 BC?

Infant mortality rates were high, and the general population died young, but we should not forget that the submerged violet blood lines probably had better survival rates.

How many of their descendents live there to this day? I know a man who was born of half-Jewish parents in Armenia who is a brilliant fellow.

But these Iberians migrated to other places in Europe.

As time progressed, and those people migrated to other lands, they implanted their tribal name on large segments of Europe.