Celestial Contact With The Hebrew Tribes

From: Ernest Moyer epmoyer@world-destiny.com
To: Preston Thomas <ltjesus@comcast.net>
Date: 8/16/2012 4:36:06 AM
Subject: Re: More on Abraham


You have wanted to know where I am going with all this.

I have taken you to a dividing point in world history. That dividing point is the development of a national entity known to the world as "Israel."

Until Saul there was no known national identity that could be identified as "Hebrews" or "Israel." They were a loose association of tribes, descended from Jacob. They were still known as "Ibri" but now calling themselves the "Sons of Israel." The nomen Ibri related them to the other Haberi, Ibri, Iberi of the Near East. But now they separated themselves into a distinct people who believed in a Creator God. Melchizedek brought religious focus that was absent from their former view of creation and the Creator. What had become universally paganistic was brought back to reality.

Promises had been made to Abraham. They were genetic promises. He would be the father of many nations.

But those promises were unfocused. The Children of Israel still wandered from place to place, without specific direction. When starvation loomed they went en mass to Egypt to save themselves. In so doing they bound themselves economically, becoming virtual slaves. Even though they carried that peculiar skin color. Even though they were Apiru-Iberi.

Then Moses appeared. He did far more than liberate them from Egyptian slavery; he reinforced what Melchizedek started, teaching them about One God, the Creator.

He focused their religious ideas when he directed them in the Arabian wilderness. He did not do this as a lonely man; he did it with visible divine help.

You cannot understand the actions of God with the salvaged Ibri tribes unless you pay attention to the ancient record, no-matter how distorted that record may be.

First, we see that this object is a celestial helper, the angel of God.

Second, it is cylindrical shaped, a pillar that apparently took a vertical position: stood behind them.

This celestial object stayed with them for forty years, giving them specific instructions.

If you were to ask a modern person to describe this very hard-looking object he would call it a UFO = Unidentified Flying Object. Many reports exist since 1945 that describe cylindrical celestial objects. I have some of those on my web site.

But the use of the term UFO would be false. It is not unidentified. It is specifically identified. As an angel of God. As an object that originates in some foreign celestial place. In the sky. Not is some mystical foggy place but in the hard reality of space.

Then the ancient Hebrew editors during the Babylonian captivity, in their distorted views of religious reality, compounded the confusion:

The seventy elders did not go up to some mystical mountain, as the record seems to say. They went up to that cylindrical object in the sky. Seventy of them. The material of that object was celestial, a pavement of sapphire stone, like the very heaven for clearness. Then they had a banquet with the God of Israel. Not the Creator God, but the personality who had been put in charge of the destiny of Israel, Melchizedek. He is the God of Israel.

In order that we properly understand these mighty transactions, a human mortal of our generation was selected for a similar experience. And he reported on his extraordinary event. His name was George Adamski. But he has been ridiculed and castigated and thrown into the pit of universal condemnation.

I have drawn out the many parallels of these reports. I have them available to anyone who is willing to come to grips with the operations of our Creator.

In my letters to you I have not even yet entered into a presentation of the movement of the Hebrew tribes. How Melchizedek used them to foster the spread of Abrahamic seed. So that he could become the father of many nations.

They are now spread around the world, in North and South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

It would be nice to know how we got there. Don't you think?

How can you understand the promises to Abraham unless you are willing to examine the details: the Iberi, the Gauli, and the Kimmeri? And how we white European descendents are the fulfillment of the promise?


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