The first documented Crop Circle appeared in 1978. This formation was a circle with satellite circles. Many rumors abounded that simple, single circles had appeared in earlier years, but no documentation exists. The appearance of single circles, and circles with satellites, advanced to circles with rings over the following decade. In 1990 a new order of circles appeared with increasing complexity of design. As the years went by the designs had many offshoots. For example, definite script symbols from ancient languages appeared. The increasing complexity of design advanced to the amazing forms of recent years. One can only gaze upon those formations with awe.

Traditional forces within our society, not accepting the immediate implication that the circles were formed by intelligence outside our world, did their utmost to deny them. They hired people to produce fabricated circles. They resorted to fanciful, and untenable, scientific theorems to explain them. They would admit to circles more manageable within their mental framework, as man made, and deny those circles they could not encompass within their world view.

This activity is a classic study in the denial of reality. Like the old Church minds who created a mental framework around biblical passages, and then persecuted Galileo because he dared to publish the results of his observations, so we have now gone to the other extreme, and made defined science as the arbiter of phenomena that do not fit within the scientific mental framework.

We have Visitors from other places in the universe but the godless evolutionary theories of origins espoused by modern secular society cannot tolerate such grating contradiction.

Within the confines of my web site, I could not possibly encompass a total display of all crop circles that have appeared. The many thousands are beyond the scope of this work. Many web sites exist where such details may be found. I shall attempt to display the evolution of crop circles, and show the modern wonders as evidence for celestial forces making themselves known to us.

As I stated to Gerald Hawkins, a few years before he died, "they are getting us ready." Our Visitors are preparing our minds for larger views of creative reality.

Contrary to hazy, fuzzy, concepts of heaven as some place "up there," we now know that Visitors come from other places in the universe. Heaven is not in some abstract nowhere but in a definite geographical location. C. S. Lewis had important things to say in his Out of the Silent Planet, published in 1943.

If we could even effect in one percent of our readers a change-over from the conception of Space to the conception of Heaven, we should have made a beginning.

He goes on to say:

. . . the present 'celestial year' was to be a revolutionary one, that the long isolation of our own planet is nearing its end, that great doings are on foot.

And more:

The dangers to be feared are not planetary but cosmic, or at least solar, and they are not temporal but eternal.

The crop circles are one of the means by which the long isolation of our planet is nearing it end. God is bringing it to an end. The intelligence responsible for the crop circles reports directly to our God, the one we know as Jesus. It is their way of talking with us. Or, as I said, "they are getting us ready."

Importantly, the crop circles are like our celestial visitors — they do not force themselves upon us. We can accept, or we can deny. But in the denial we act counter to reality.

The continuing interest in crop circles by people who live with them may be seen in an article from the Wiltshire County England web site.

It's a Fair Crop of Top Circles


From the archive, first published Friday 4th Nov 2005.


THEIR mysterious appearance has been blamed on visitors from outer space and farmers with too much time on their hands.


But whether you are a hardened sceptic or true believer, there is certainly no doubt the crop circle phenomenon exists.


Wiltshire, with its sparsely populated rolling country- side, is known as the crop circle capital of Britain, with dozens of formations spotted around the county every year.


The ancient stone circle in Avebury is a crop circle hotspot ­ 70 formations were recorded within a 15-mile radius in 2000.


Although they frequent the same fields every year, nobody has ever witnessed or captured on camera the creation of a crop circle, despite numerous overnight watches.


Scientific research has shown that, compared to the field around them, the composition of the soil is altered within a crop circle and the plants are affected at cellular level.

Within the energy field above these formations, electronic equipment such as cameras, video recorders and compasses have often malfunctioned.


One of the largest crop circles on record was discovered at Mick Hill, the highest point in Wiltshire, in 2001, which consisted of 409 circles and measured 787ft in diameter.


Ariel photographs of this year's collection have now been captured and collated in a calendar.


The calendar has been produced by the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group, a research group formed in 1995 to observe the manifestations of crop circles in the county.


The group supports scientific research, collecting data in the form of photographs, diagrams and study papers and also publishes Spiral, a monthly newsletter, which is the only one of its kind.


WCCSG meets every month to discuss its research and also holds workshops, lectures and special events like late-night watches.


For more information or to order a copy of the calendar contact WCCSG on (01380) 739966.


A Letter to Andy Thomas


I recently addressed this letter to Andy, author of Vital Signs, an excellent book on the Crop Circle phenomena.


To Andy Thomas:

Swirled News

February 1, 2006

I should introduce myself.

I wrote a letter, published by Insight Magazine, about the famous Alton Barnes Figure of July 11, 1990 when that crop formation drew so much attention world-wide.

I was familiar with Semitic script symbols and was quite startled when these appeared. Of course, why the figure should spell out the name EVE has profound implications.

I later went around with Gerald Hawkins over his interpretation of the 1991 Milk Hill script. (Your pg 105 in Vital Signs.) He was limited by his classical education and could not see beyond Rome. I immediately recognized Hebrew script, in its modern form, but his reticence in divulging information, and attempting to hold attention to himself disappointed me and I dropped out of the intellectual competition.

That simple line of script was intriguing because it seems to have been an answer to TALK TO US. However, any solution to the script invokes debate, as you indicated. The series of symbols was so short we could not arrive at a precise interpretation. Given this controversial situation, at that point I was willing to keep my secrets about crop circles to myself.

I shall now explain my views about the 1678 ‘Mowing Devil’ pamphlet and woodcut.

I thank you for your excellent pursuit into the history of that document, and the different versions of the woodcut now published. Clearly you have done your homework.

I have had opportunity to investigate forgeries. Some are so well done only the most informed scholar could detect the difference. (We had a case here in the States from a Mormon who deceived the whole Church hierarchy, but that is another story.) You mentioned that the red ink bled into the hardboard covers added by the staff at the British Library. Given this evidence I would have become suspicious. Of course, the 1898 book by Rev. Andrews suggests that any forgeries had to predate that publication.

Be that as it may, other reasons exist for not accepting the 1678 pamphlet as related to crop circles.

Not a single modern crop formation can be properly observed or understood EXCEPT FROM THE AIR OVERHEAD. We cannot make sense of them solely from a location on the ground. The diagrams you present on pg 24 demands this approach, as do all other geometric analyses. Unless you are willing to accept that the people of the 1600's had ready means to propel themselves through the air, they would not have known about aerial views of the Devil Circle. Yet, it seems, all modern minds assume that those olden people could view the field from up in the air. (Of course the woodcut makes it appear as if viewed from the air.)

Hence, I am unwilling to accept that this woodcut and pamphlet was for anything more than the purpose of its message. It had nothing to do with overhead views of crop fields. (We have the additional technicality of cutting the grain versus laying the grain.)

Now consider another aspect of our attempt to reach into the past for evidence of crop circles. The same fault lies with all: THEY DEMAND THE ABILITY TO TRAVEL THROUGH THE AIR WITH VIEWS FROM ABOVE.

I think we are agreed about origins: the crop circles are not natural. That point was settled way back in July, 1989 when Busty Taylor photographed the "swastika" design.

Since the circles are of intelligent design, are they manmade or do they derive from other intelligence? If they derive from other intelligence why would that intelligence provide evidence that would not be visible to people living a hundred years ago? Since we have not the slightest evidence in historic documents that people were making circles in the ancient past, then the logic of cause for ancient circles, manmade or other intelligence, falls flat on its face. (I recently did an investigation into my ancestry. I come from a long line of farmers. I can assure you that they had neither the time nor the inclination to go about making circles in fields that nobody could view.)

On the basis of this logic I must reject attempts to reach into the past to support crop circles. They must be a strictly modern phenomenon suitable to an air age. Our attempts to find historical support is simply a psychological need.

Now to the question of origins.

Consider the script evidence. The scripts appeared about the time that Doug and Dave were formulating plans to demonstrate that crop circles were manmade. But the script symbols were beyond the knowledge base of Doug and Dave. They knew only circles. And simple circles, at that. Furthermore, as Gerald Hawkins so clearly pointed out, the diatonic ratios of many of the circle formations were mathematically beyond such simple minds. (Even though you suggest the precision to prove the diatonic ratios may not have been possible, given the structure of the grain.)

Our unwillingness to openly admit an origin other than man is rooted in fear. If an outside intelligence has the ability of increasing complexity and finesse shown with each passing year it means they are playing with us. They are teasing us. They are doing things to us that we do not like to admit. They are leading  us on.

The general implication of this logic is that INTELLIGENCE FROM OTHER PLACES is far superior to us. They have come here from afar — very afar. They have traveled immense distances with a technology that cannot be limited by the velocity of light. They have implemented designs, for all the reasons you give in Vital Signs, that are beyond our abilities.

Now to the important question: How much have crop circles elevated the cosmic consciousness of mankind? What have our visitors done to our psyches?

If you were an intelligence coming from beyond earth shores, and you were to prepare a world for your soon-to-be-revealed existence, how would you proceed?

Gerald Hawkins asked me the simple question: What are they doing?

My answer was equally simple. They are getting us ready.

But not for the pleasant world scenario we would wish. They are getting us ready for circumstances equal to the world crisis as it exists today.


A technical note:

Each stalk of grain is a pixel. Whoever is responsible for the fantastic designs knows how to control individual pixels. Consider the formation of "gold and silver coins" stacked on top of one another at Monkton Down in June, 2005. If I have viewed this correctly, the thickness of the circle lines between "coins" is not more than two? three? four? stalks of grain. That could not have been done by man, since he does not have the technology to control the pixels to such finesse.