Order of the Crop Circles - Group Two

For the reader to move through the many examples of Crop Circles I have separated them into four groups. To get at the date and order simply click on the appropriate number.

Please note that these are not an exhaustive catalog of all Circles. I have selected examples to show the nature of the phenomenon. I also use man-made Circles only for highly limited comparison.

The interested reader may follow the evolution of circle design and complexity through the years, as our Celestial Visitors conversed with us. Their perspective of time is different from ours. While we get excited by the thrill of the moment, they see destiny unfolding to the final culmination at the end of the age. I terminated my study in 2006. Other circles followed but from this review one can grasp the nature of our Celestial communication.


1990-1 1990-2 1990-Semitic 1991 1992 1993
1994-1 1994-2 1995-1 1995-2 1995-3 1996
1997-1 1997-2 1998 1999-1 1999-2 1999-3