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What Human Beings Can Do

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The circle makers realized one of their collective ambitions recently when they collaborated with Doug Bower. A BBC camera crew were there to capture the action for an upcoming documentary.
On the night of July 25th John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson and Wil Russell along with Doug Bower made 2 demonstration formations and gave interviews for a documentary being made by BBC TV's "Country File". The formations will be featured in an upcoming light hearted half hour special about crop circles that focuses on Doug and his circle making activities. The documentary will air across the UK in early January 1999.

[ Image courtesy A J Samuels ]

Detail of the 'circlemakers' inside the 'Yell' logo.
The central circle in our formation incorporated a standing "Yell" logo to celebrate the fact that this website recently won a "Yell UK web award". The completed formation was approximately 200ft across and had 100 circles of varying sizes. We were filmed constructing the formation at night using an infra-red camera.

[ All other image © 'circlemakers' ]

The completed BBC/Yell demonstration formation.
After completing our formation we teamed up with Doug to finish off his 150ft circle which had a quartered lay just like two formations from the early 90's dubbed the 'swastikas'.
The formations were subsequently filmed from a 120ft crane the following afternoon and once filming was complete researchers and interested parties were invited to view the formations.
Included to the right are photos of Doug's circle formation, a group photo with Doug and the 'circlemakers', and a photo of Doug being wired for sound by the BBC. The shots continue with the BBC production crew and the 120ft crane, a portrait of Doug.

Rather unnervingly a photo of a small set of unexplained circles appeared in the same field on the same night the demonstration formations were made...

Oh, the chagrin.

Proving the fakers

Circle made by Doug Bower


Doug with the Circlemakers at Milk Hill, Wiltshire

(Their faces have been obscured)

Doug being wired for sound by the BBC

The BBC production crew and the 120ft crane.

Doug Posing


"Crop Circles ... or just Crap Circles?"

A Danish Fake

This commentary is provided by an anonymous person associated with the Danish fake circle activity.

At August 22, 2001 - the speakers at Radio DR-Syd suddenly interrupted their news program - connecting directly to their field reporter standing at this expected UFO landing site close to S√łnderborg.

Previous to this on location Radio Broadcast - several crop circle enthusiasts had phoned both TV, Radio and Newspapers.

As we however did reveal during this radio transmission - this crop circle is not of extra terrestrial origin.

This circle was simply constructed as an experiment by astronomy students at Amtsgymnasiet in Sonderborg - following a request from the children program called "Bugs Bunny's Sundays Club", National TV2.

Before start - the farmer who owned these fields had given TV2 his accept.

Why this particular pattern ?

We did choose this circle - because it has appeared once before in our country - close to the city Aarhus - August 2000.

Photo - Claus Bonnerup - Polfoto - (C) 2001

During the intense media coverage of this circle - so called Crop Circle Researchers claimed that this mathematical circle-diagram was far to complicated in order to be performed by humans.

However - as we demonstrate in this TV Program - it took these eager astronomy students merely 1,5 hour to construct the basic circle of same size. Next time we could do this even faster. Actually - our students have now initiated their own company - Danish Crop Circle Central - contact us if you want e.g. an astonishing full landscape crop circle commercial.

(Unfortunately, we do not have an explanation for the circle made in 2000.)

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