The Cost of Rejection

If you reject the Truths given to us in our ancient revelations you will pay an eternal price.

We were told explicitly:

P.1024 - §6 This same Melchizedek continued to collaborate throughout the nineteen succeeding centuries with the many prophets and seers, thus endeavoring to keep alive the truths of Salem until the fullness of the time for Michael's appearance on earth.

The Truths of Salem were the Great Truths presented at Salem (later Jerusalem) that described the destiny of our world. Melchizedek, while living there, presented those great truths. Then, after returning to his celestial status, he kept alive those truths through the many prophets and seers that followed. He continued to keep those truths alive until the time of Jesus. The prophets and seers, through the inspiration of Melchizedek, wrote down those great revelations. Later they were assembled into the document that became our Old Testament.

Melchizedek did not keep those truths alive for the benefit of Jesus. Jesus is our Creator. He knew those truths from eternity past. Melchizedek kept those truths alive for the benefit of mankind. He kept them alive to the time they would be sought by many people of the world.

But the survival of those Great Truths, those revelations, are emphasized even more:

Page 1033:  About six hundred years before the arrival of  Michael, it seemed to Melchizedek, long since departed from  the flesh, that the purity of his teaching on earth was being unduly jeopardized by general absorption into the older Urantia beliefs.  It appeared for a time that his mission as a forerunner of Michael might be in danger of  failing.  And in the sixth century before Christ, through an  unusual co-ordination of spiritual agencies, not all of  which are understood even by the planetary supervisors, Urantia witnessed a most unusual presentation of manifold  religious truth.  Through the agency of several human teachers the Salem gospel was restated and revitalized, and as it was then presented, much has persisted to the times of this writing.


Six hundred years before Jesus was more or less the time of the traditional Biblical revelations. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the other prophets date from around that time. To ensure that the truths of those revelations were not lost, Melchizedek restated and revitalized the Salem presentations. The generations, since the time of Jesus, continued to hold onto those revelations with great regard. Our forefathers recognized that descriptions of world destiny were contained in those writings, and gave those religious truths the respect they deserved.

These are religious truths, not some poetic meanderings of ecstatic minds. They are striking in their eloquence and spiritual power. The Old Testament prophets gave us a most unusual presentation of manifold  religious truth.

Only in recent times has the godlessness of the world cast those writings into doubt. Many Urantians are persuaded by that perverse mental attitude.

The prophecies are manifold in their subjects. They run the gamut from revelation for the end of the present age, to the events that will occur during the millennium, and even to the end of the millennium.

Cosmic transactions are about to take place on this world. They were foretold for our benefit by the many prophets and seers but how many are ready?

Do you know the personal cost if you reject the manifold religious truths given by Melchizedek?

P.760 - §6 The personal (centripetal) consequences of the creature's willful and persistent rejection of light are both inevitable and individual and are of concern only to Deity and to that personal creature. Such a soul-destroying harvest of iniquity is the inner reaping of the iniquitous will creature.

Do you know what is meant by the persistent rejection of light? That light is the light of living truth. 

Melchizedek, through the ancient prophets and seers, gave us that light. Those were Great Living Truths, to guide us and direct us as the personal ambassadors of His Kingdom.

Do you recognize the responsibility that rests on your shoulders for accepting those manifold religious truths? But if you are willful and persistent in your rejection of that light and that truth you become an iniquitous creature. God will not accept you into his kingdom. Such soul-destroying conduct will bring its own harvest.

P.613 - §2 The Gods neither create evil nor permit sin and rebellion. Potential evil is time-existent in a universe embracing differential levels of perfection meanings and values. Sin is potential in all realms where imperfect beings are endowed with the ability to choose between good and evil. The very conflicting presence of truth and untruth, fact and falsehood, constitutes the potentiality of error. The deliberate choice of evil constitutes sin; the willful rejection of truth is error; the persistent pursuit of sin and error is iniquity.

When you make a deliberate choice to follow the path of evil by rejecting truth, when you willfully reject the light contained in those ancient prophets and seers, you enter into deadly error. By such deliberate choice and by such rejection you become an iniquitous will creature. Such conduct is soul destroying.

P.1916 - §3 "Each generation of believers should carry on their work, in view of the possible return of the Son of Man, exactly as each individual believer carries forward his lifework in view of inevitable and ever-impending natural death. When you have by faith once established yourself as a son of God, nothing else matters as regards the surety of survival. But make no mistake! this survival faith is a living faith, and it increasingly manifests the fruits of that divine spirit which first inspired it in the human heart. That you have once accepted sonship in the heavenly kingdom will not save you in the face of the knowing and persistent rejection of those truths which have to do with the progressive spiritual fruit-bearing of the sons of God in the flesh. You who have been with me in the Father's business on earth can even now desert the kingdom if you find that you love not the way of the Father's service for mankind.

If you accept God in your life, then you are sons of God in the flesh. But which way will it be for you? Will it be the knowing and persistent rejection of those truths which have to do with the progressive spiritual fruit-bearing of the sons of God in the flesh?

You who have been about the Father's business on earth in the study of the Urantia Papers, can even now desert the kingdom if you find that you love not the way of the Father's service for mankind. You, who have been blessed with the greatest revelation in historical times, the Urantia Papers, can now reject a marvelous service to your brothers and sisters in the flesh. Or you can say, I will give of myself to the loving service of my fellows.

P.1010 - §4 The future of Urantia will doubtless be characterized by the appearance of teachers of religious truth--the Fatherhood of God and the fraternity of all creatures. But it is to be hoped that the ardent and sincere efforts of these future prophets will be directed less toward the strengthening of interreligious barriers and more toward the augmentation of the religious brotherhood of spiritual worship among the many followers of the differing intellectual theologies which so characterize Urantia of Satania.

Will you be one of those?

P.1000 - §3 The great religious teachers and the prophets of past ages were not extreme mystics. They were God-knowing men and women who best served their God by unselfish ministry to their fellow mortals.

You have been blessed with a great spiritual light. Will you now abandon it because you fear unselfish service to your brothers and sisters?

P.1107 - §5 The realization of religion never has been, and never will be, dependent on great learning or clever logic. It is spiritual insight, and that is just the reason why some of the world's greatest religious teachers, even the prophets, have sometimes possessed so little of the wisdom of the world. Religious faith is available alike to the learned and the unlearned.

You need not doubt your service for God because of your education or your knowledge. The wisdom of the world is not the basis for your service. Your relationship with the Creator of a Universe, your love for him, will take you into that service which will bless the future ages of our children.

But remember, love for our Creator, in his mission upon earth, is the guiding truth in this coming service.

P.379 - §5 Though the Spirit of Truth is poured out upon all flesh, this spirit of the Son is almost wholly limited in function and power by man's personal reception of that which constitutes the sum and substance of the mission of the bestowal Son. The Holy Spirit is partly independent of human attitude and partially conditioned by the decisions and co-operation of the will of man. Nevertheless, the ministry of the Holy Spirit becomes increasingly effective in the sanctification and spiritualization of the inner life of those mortals who the more fully obey the divine leadings.

The Holy Spirit within us, guiding us to understanding of God's destiny program, will take us to a more full expression of His will upon earth. But the Spirit of the Son is almost wholly limited by OUR perception of the sum and substance of his mission, both during his life and his presence today. If we fail to come to grips with the purpose of that mission we cannot receive his Spirit within us.

Any other view is insidious self-deception.

P.380 - §7 The dead theory of even the highest religious doctrines is powerless to transform human character or to control mortal behavior. What the world of today needs is the truth which your teacher of old declared: "Not in word only but also in power and in the Holy Spirit." The seed of theoretical truth is dead, the highest moral concepts without effect, unless and until the divine Spirit breathes upon the forms of truth and quickens the formulas of righteousness.

We will not merely teach the Urantia Papers; more importantly we will teach God's destiny program. The Urantia Papers are not germane to these spectacular episodes. But they will inspire us to the greatest service ever seen upon this planet. They have given us a breath-taking insight into universe service, and the real Kingdom of God.

Which way will you go?