Andite Features In Egypt

From: Ernest Moyer
To: Preston Thomas <>
Date: 7/23/2012 10:17:16 AM
Subject: The Jewish Contribution to World Civilization.htm


In my previous email I showed that Abraham was of Andite blood, and carried a red skin color. We know them as Semites. He had origins in Mesopotamia.

P.1019 - 4 Not long after they had established themselves near Salem, Abraham and Lot journeyed to the valley of the Nile to obtain food supplies as there was then a drought in Palestine. During his brief sojourn in Egypt Abraham found a distant relative on the Egyptian throne, and he served as the commander of two very successful military expeditions for this king. During the latter part of his sojourn on the Nile he and his wife, Sarah, lived at court, and when leaving Egypt, he was given a share of the spoils of his military campaigns.

I showed how this skin color appeared in Egypt, where Abraham had royal relatives. They had golden hair, (Ginger - 3000 BC), and red hair, (Ramses II 1300 BC.)  You can get a deeper look by going to the following URL.

Below is an illustration of an Egyptian religious worship scene where the woman have different hair colors, yellow and red, but appear to be white skinned. However they had male companions who were red-skinned. Many of the Egyptians wore black wigs to control lice.

I give this further background on Abraham in order for you to get a better grasp of where he was genetically.

Remember the promises to him:

I shall continue with this in the following paper.